Regional Groups

Regional Groups

Regional Resources Guide

The regional resources guide (v2 Apr 10, 2014) is intended to make the use of NYS GIS Association resources by regional groups easier by providing a listing of services available and points of contact.  This document is a work-in-progress and will be updated periodically.

NYS GIS Association Provides Benefits to Regional GIS User Groups – Survey Monkey

surveyAs part of an ongoing effort to provide tangible benefits to local NYS GIS user groups, the Association has begun offering the use of its “Gold Plan” level Survey Monkey account.  Regional groups can use the enhanced account for any user group related business.

In addition to the functionality offered by the free Survey Monkey accounts, users of the “Gold Plan” also have the ability to create surveys with:

  • unlimited questionssurveyMonkey
  • easy exporting, printing and results sharing
  • expert templates
  • advanced survey logic
  • customization, and much more!

Regional groups interested in accessing the NYS GIS Association’s Gold Plan Survey Monkey account can contact the NYS GIS Association here.