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Bill Ostrander . Manager
Geographic Information Systems

Tioga County . 56 Main Street, Owego, NY 13827

o: 607.687.8293 . f: 607.223.7066 . e:

Thursday, May 30, 10 am – Noon

We will have a meeting of the Southern Tier GIS Users Group, Thursday, May 30, 10 am – Noon.  We will be sharing what we have been doing with GIS in our own corners of the Southern Tier.  Please come prepared to share this by whatever means you have time to prepare.  We will be able to project anything that you can bring digitally.  Hopefully many of you will be able to provide visuals of what you are talking about.

We will meet in the ED&P Conference Room which is on the right at the top of the stairs where you will enter the building from the parking lot at 56 Main Street, Owego.  The parking lot entrance is on Academy Street.

For those new to the Southern Tier GIS Users Group, it is an informal organization with no dues or officers.  If you are doing or want to do GIS and you are in the Southern Tier, we consider you a member, so please join us.

Southern Tier GIS Users Group Meeting Recap

Hello Bill & company!

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to spend some time with everyone that attended last week’s Users’ Group meeting. It was great to see some local examples of Web GIS at work, too!

As promised, I wanted to provide a few hyperlinks related to some of the topics we touched on, should anyone be interested in learning more:

ArcGIS Solutions Gallery – in the upper left-hand corner you can type a key word, or expand the ‘Industries’ topics just below to find configurable maps and apps to suit your respective business needs.

Story Maps Apps – there are many different and exciting ways for you to visually communicate your message to your target audience(s). Then, feel free to explore the Story Maps Gallery for additional inspiration.

Apps for the Field – this web page has a lot of great information for those of you trying to figure out a better way to get your data into (and back out of) the field. This is a growing topic of interest across local governments in New York State, so I wanted to make sure you were aware of these great tools, should you need to take advantage of them. [Note: I think the video does a good job of highlighting what each one of the eight field apps can bring to the table, so be sure to take a couple of minutes to watch.]

Thank you for your time and consideration, and have a great finish to your week!

Sincerely yours,


Jason Sealy | Account Manager
Esri | 1325 Morris Drive, Suite 201 | Chesterbrook, PA 19087 | USA
Office 610-644-3374, ext. 5922 | Mobile 585-233-7804 | Fax 610-644-3379 |


Alan Leidner sent the link below to GISCalc, a tool for calculating return on investment, back in February when I was in San Francisco. Amid all the other email that accumulated, I forgot to send this on to all of you. Please check it out and provide Alan with any feedback that occurs to you.

Also, thank you to everyone for attending our meeting last week. We had a great turnout with folks traveling from 7 different counties. Jason Sealy came up from Esri’s Chesterbrook PA office and provided an overview of the ArcGIS platform. Mark Scott drove in from Esri’s Boston office and presented how to use three ArcGIS Online apps–Workforce, Collector, and Navigator—in an integrated fashion. Joe Gaynor, Cattyann Campbell, and I shared a little bit about how we are using ArcGIS Online.

— Bill Ostrander

This link will take you to a resource recently added to the Emerging GIS page of the NYS GIS Association website. The new tool called GISCalc that will enable you to quickly estimate the actual/potential benefits that GIS can yield in a jurisdiction. By inputting characteristics of a county or municipality such as population and real estate tax billings, and by adjusting the benefit defaults, GISCalc can give you a good idea of increased revenues and greater productivity possible through the use of GIS. Benefit calculations are based on about one-hundred use cases that are divided up into the different benefit categories. While GISCalc provides you with default benefit values, you are free to customize those values to your liking. Feel free to run a number of scenarios based on different assumptions. To read through the use cases just hit the blue “info” buttons or select a benefit tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. GISCalc also allows you to detail costs and can give you return on investment calculations.

Please try GISCalc for your own jurisdictions and feel free to share it with anyone in your region who you think might derive benefit from it. FYI…in coming days I expect to send a similar notification to our listing of all NYS County GIS directors.

This is version 1.0 of GISCalc. If you believe this is a useful tool and have ideas to improve it, please let me know via email at

Naturally, we would be interested in learning about any successful or unsuccessful use of GISCalc, and would like to know what local administrators and elected officials might think about it. The team that developed GISCalc, including Paul Epstein and Brett Whysel, have already thought of a number of enhancements including the addition of a health and human services benefit category, and the collection of more use cases through the State Associations applications awards contest. But we can’t make further investments without knowing that you find this tool helpful. So please…give us feedback of any kind.

Feel free to get in touch with me either by email or phone if you have any questions about using GISCalc. My thanks to the Fund for the City of New York and its President, Dr. Mary McCormick for providing the funding that made GISCalc development possible.

Best regards, Alan

Alan Leidner, Director
Center for Geospatial Innovation, Fund for the City of New York
President, NYC GISMO
Chair, NYS GIS Association Regional Committee

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