President's Message 2020

Jonathan Garner

Jonathan Garner, President NYS GIS Association, 2020

Dear All Association Members,

I’m deeply honored and thrilled to serve as the President of the NYS GIS Association. I have been a long-time Member and believe strongly in our mission and outreach to the collective Membership whom we serve. Over the course of my term, I hope to bring about healthy changes and help us to adapt to the ever-growing GIS technological landscape!

Being new to this Board, I am grateful to work alongside and gain perspective from our Past-President, Rick Reichert, as we together, with the commitment from the Board members, continue to pursue an agenda to support content and growth within the Membership.

As always, I would encourage all members to become involved with the Association as even a small-time commitment can have lasting impact! Through your efforts, the Association becomes a more impactful resource to us all, our communities, and our profession.

In the coming months I personally hope to find us working on the following tasks:

  • Providing support to our Regional GIS groups and strengthen partnerships with other non-profit Associations
  • Pursuing professional development opportunities including specialized training credits (micro-credentialing)
  •  Increasing support for Committees
  • Growing membership numbers and participation
  • Support of a new, fresh Association website

I welcome feedback and ideas from our membership. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally. I can be reached by email at

Let’s make this a great year for the Association!

Jonathan Garner
President, NYS GIS Association