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Watch NYS GIS Association President, Mary Susan Knauss share her expertise on the 4M Utility Strategy Podcast 25.

On the twenty-fifth episode of the 4M Utility Strategy Podcast, 4M Analytics’ David Horesh, Director of Marketing, sits down with Mary Susan Knauss to talk about utility asset management from an insider’s perspective. He asks, how can we better maintain, house, and utilize reliable data in the field of asset management? What are the main various data sources? Why is it important to house utility data in one centralized system? She also explains why progress has been slow in updating the way asset managers house and share utility data with each other in order to have accurate data in real-time. The link to the video on YouTube is:

Suzie has over thirty years of expertise in the field since she began her professional career at AT&T in 1981 where she managed their systems operations center for seven years. Currently, Mary is serving as a board member of the Hudson Development Corporation and as president of the NYS GIS Association. From 2006 until 2019 mary was a Senior Transportation Analyst for the New York State Department of Transportation. She developed GIS and mobile GPS Solutions for departmental inventory and asset management. She also managed their geospatial analysis to support contract & construction planning.