Training Resources

The NYS GIS Association has compiled a list of Training Resources as a service to our members.  For information on upcoming Association webinars, please see the Home page and Event Calendar.  For all other training, please contact the course provider for additional information.

Educator Resources

Resources geared towards educators.

NYS GIS Association Professional Development

The NYS GIS Association has a library of archived webinars that we, and other associated GIS groups have presented. You can find these webinars using the button below.

In addition you can also find:

  • Information on upcoming NYS GIS Association webinars on the Home page and Event Calendar
  • Meetings and events near you using the Regions menu in the footer
  • NYS GIS Association Professional Development Resources Archive

Free Training and Webinars

If you already have GIS software, the tutorial that came with it is a great place to start

  • Esri offers numerous free training seminars on their website (check Free training)
  • Esri Learn ArcGIS (some lessons require membership in an ArcGIS organization)
  • QGIS Training Materials

Training and Webinars

Training and Education – Cost Associated

  • Discover Data Science GIS Degree Program Guide
  • Columbia University Department of Environmental Health Sciences GIS Workshop
  • eGIS Associates Geospatial & IT Training
  • Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis Training
  • Hunter College, CUNY, Department of Geography
  • Lehman College, CUNY, Geographic Information Science
  • Miller Mountain Courses (Members use coupon code NYSGIS for a 50% discount)
  • Monroe Community College, SUNY, Department of Geography
  • Pratt Institute GIS and Design CertificateProgram
  • TeachMeGIS GIS Training Center (Members use coupon code NYSGIS15 for a 15% discount)
  • University at Albany, SUNY, Department of Geography and Planning MSGIS Program
  • University of Kenucky New Maps Plus Online Graduate Program
  • University of Minnesota U-Spatial Training
  • University of North Alabama Online GIS Analyst Certificate Program
  • University of Vermont GIS and Data Communication Professional Certificate Program
  • Washington College GIS Program