Free Training and Webinars

If you already have GIS software, the tutorial that came with it is a great place to start

  • Esri offers numerous free training seminars on their website (check Free training)
  • Esri Learn ArcGIS (some lessons require membership in an ArcGIS organization)
  • QGIS Training Materials

NYS GIS Association Resources

  • NYS GIS Association Professional Development Resources
  • NYS GIS Association Professional Development Resources Archive
  • Find meetings and events near you using the Regions menu at the top of the page

Training and Webinars

  • American Red Cross QGIS Training
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention GIS Training
  • eGIS Associates Free Webinars
  • Download the iTunes U app for free GIS courses on your iPhone or iPad
  • GIS Lounge GIS MOOC and Training List
  • Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis Non-Credit Virtual Training
  • MIT OpenCourseWare (search for GIS)
  • Pace University Desktop GIS MOOC Instructional Videos
  • Pace University Free 12-week Desktop ArcGIS Course
  • Penn State Online Geospatial Education Program Office Webinars
  • Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) Tutorials
  • Tufts GIS Tip Sheets and Tutorials
  • Udemy Basic Hydrology


Training and Education – Cost Associated

  • eGIS Associates Geospatial & IT TrainingValue
  • Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis Training
  • Hunter College, CUNY, Department of Geography
  • Miller Mountain Courses (Use coupon code NYSGIS for 50% discount)
  • Monroe Community College, SUNY, Department of Geography
  • New Urban Research Virtual Training
  • Pratt Institute GIS and Design Certificate Program
  • University of Kenucky New Maps Plus Online Graduate Program
  • University of Minnesota U-Spatial Training
  • University of North Alabama Online GIS Analyst Certificate Program
  • Washington College GIS Program