The deadline for Board of Directors, President-Elect, and Treasurer nominations is tomorrow, September 1st!

  • The NYS GIS Association is seeking member nominations and candidates for soon-to-be-vacated Board of Directors and President-Elect positions. The Association relies on the committed volunteer efforts and leadership from its membership to be successful and will look to fill two open Board of Directors positions this fall. Directors serve for two years and are eligible to run for a second term if they desire.
    • If you’ve ever wanted to give back, now is a great time to contribute as our membership grows.
    • Previous Board Directors are eligible to run again if it has been two years since their last term ended.
    • Additionally, the Board will be looking for a new President-Elect as the current one transitions into the role of President. The President-Elect serves a three-year term as President-Elect, President, and Past-President with evolving responsibility over that term.
    • If you think these positions might be right for you and/or have questions, please email the Nominating Committee Chair, Mary Susan (Suzie) Knauss, at: Letters of intent, biographies, resumes, and other relevant materials should also be submitted through the above email. All nominations should be submitted by September 1, 2022.
    • You must be a member in good standing to run for any of the Board positions so please verify or renew your membership. The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Election results will be announced to the NYSGISA Community at the Annual Meeting in late September.
  • The NYS GIS Association is seeking recommendations for Treasurer. This very essential position is held by a volunteer who is appointed by the Association Board. If you or someone you know is interested in bringing your talents to the fore, please contact, Suzie Knauss at: