New York State’s GIS Program Office Announces Modernized NYS GIS Clearinghouse

Please visit to explore GIS resources in NYS including the new GIS Clearinghouse data page at

The NYS GIS Clearinghouse will continue to evolve as they incorporate new datasets and apps. The NYS GPO has some exciting ideas to better engage with their GIS user community, so stay tuned!

A few housekeeping items:

  • Bookmarks will no longer work and must be changed.
  • It may take Google and other search engines a little time to find and index the new pages.
  • There is a chance that old URLs embedded in documents were missed during the content migration and no longer work.
  • Please let the NYS GPO know if you discover any issues by e-mailing

The NYS GPO  thanks the teams at NYS ITS, their agency partners, and the site testers. Special thanks go to the Project Manager, Tim Ruhren; the Clearinghouse Manager, Sean O’Connell; and the team at the GIS Program Office for the many hours invested bringing the new GIS Clearinghouse online.

Any feedback is welcome! Please contact the NYS GPO at

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