Updated NYS Civil Boundaries

The New York State GIS Program Office (GPO) has published updated NYS Civil Boundaries data.

Data can be downloaded from http://gis.ny.gov/gisdata/inventories/details.cfm?DSID=927

  • Data is available in ESRI geodatabase and shapefile formats
  • There are separate geodatabase feature classes and shapefiles for the following boundary types: incorporated state, counties, cities/towns, and villages; and Indian Territories. In addition, there are separate shoreline versions for the state boundary and county boundaries.

Significant updates

  • The portion of NYS line shared with Pennsylvania (PA) was realigned to PA’s state line GIS data from the Lake Erie shoreline to the City of Port Jervis (Orange Co)
    • All NYS municipal and Indian Territory boundaries coincident with the state line were also realigned
    • PA’s state line GIS data was provided to US Census with a confirmation that both states agree to use this same data to represent our shared state boundary in our respective GIS boundary datasets, and that US Census can use the data for the same purpose
  • The Town of Palm Tree (Orange Co) was added (incorporated 1/1/19)
  • The Villages of Harrisville (Lewis Co) and Van Etten (Chemung Co) were deleted (dissolved as of 12/31/18)

The NYS Civil Boundaries web services will be updated in the next couple of weeks. A notification will be posted when that occurs. The web services are available here https://gisservices.its.ny.gov/arcgis/rest/services/

Please email GISBoundaries@its.ny.gov with any questions.

Quarterly Streets and Address Points Update

The GIS Program Office is once again pleased to announce that a new quarterly release of NYS Streets and Address Points has been posted to the Clearinghouse.


For questions about training in GeoLynx or data sharing please contact Toni Slyer at Toni.Slyer@its.ny.gov / (518) 408-8569.

For any technical or policy questions please contact Rodger Coryell at Rodger.Coryell@its.ny.gov / (518) 242-5048 or myself at Craig.Fargione@its.ny.gov / (518) 242-5176.