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Welcome to the NYS GIS Association Membership Site!        help

Membership Year: July 1 to June 30

Membership Options
NYSGISA Regular One Year – $10.00 USD
NYSGISA Regular Five Years – $50.00 USD
NYSGISA Student – Free

GISMO/NYSGISA Regular One Year – $20.00 USD
GISMO/NYSGISA Regular Five Years – $100.00 USD
GISMO/NYSGISA Retired One Year – $10.00 USD
GISMO/NYSGISA Retired Five Years – $50.00 USD
GISMO/NYSGISA Student – Free

WNYGISUG/NYSGISA Regular One Year – $15.00 USD
WNYGISUG/NYSGISA Regular Five Years – $75.00 USD

How to Set Up Your Membership
Step 1: Have you ever been a member? If so your name will be on the ever-been-a-member list.

Check ever-been-a-member List   

Step 2A: If your name is NOT on the ever-been-a-member list then you need to register to become a member.

Register to become a member   

Step 2B: If your name IS on the ever-been-a-member list then you should check to see if you are a current member. If you are NOT a current member then you need to renew your membership by logging in.

Check to see if you if you are a current member.   

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