The latest post from NYS GIS Association member Sam Wear, “Belated News Flash: Empire State GIS Web Maps Got Juice!!”, posted July 25, 2019, is available on his website eSpatially New York.

Maybe a bit of yesterday’s news, but apparently many of us in the statewide GIS/geospatial circles were asleep at the wheel this past December when Governor Cuomo signed Senate Bill 9061 amending section 4511 of the Civil Laws and Practices Rules (CLPR).  In laymen terms, the bill “gives Google Maps and other global imaging websites the presumption of accuracy when they are used as evidence in New York courts.   Information taken from similar sites (web mapping services, etc) to Google Maps would be presumed accurate unless “credible and reliable evidence” is presented showing that it is not.” 

You can also follow Sam on Twitter @eSpatiallyNY

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