Webinar as part of the 2018 Webinar Series. Jan Vink is an Extension Associate at the Cornell Program on Applied Demographics.

His academic background is in Econometrics. Jan represents New York in the Federal-State Cooperatives on Population Estimates and Projections and fulfills a coordinating role within the New York State Data Center. These are all networks with the U.S. Census Bureau. Among his applied research interests is adding value to Census Bureau and other demographic related data through repackaging and the presentation of this data. This resulted in the publication of County data profiles and a data driven website where data points can easily be put in a temporal and spatial context. Recently Jan was heavily involved in the analyses of Real Property data to enable the comparison of Real Property based counts of housing units in a Census Block and the count of residential addresses from the Census Address list. This comparison is very useful to target blocks within the 2020 LUCA program (Local Update Census Addresses) that is currently under way.

The results of these analyses can be found in NYBBLES (New York Block Browser Luca Evaluation System). NYBBLES got the attention of some national press articles and got Jan an Excellence in Innovation award from Cornell University. The presentation will be split between the analyses of Real Property data to get to a count of housing units in a Census Block and showing some examples of the use of Google’s API to create data-driven mapping applications. Some of these applications also use the Census Bureau’s APIs to retrieve the data.