Tuesday, December 18, 2018  


Scott Geis is a Senior Integration Specialist at the NYS GIS Program Office. He has worked in the GIS field for over 10 years and currently focuses on assisting developers and State Agencies with the ingestion of web services, integrating data, software and custom code for enhanced visualization, and investigating open-source approaches to traditional mapping work flows.


Sean O’Connell is the lead reviewer on the NY Statewide Elevation Program. He has worked for NYS for over 4 years as a GIS specialist supporting multiple efforts including the NY Statewide Elevation Program, Data Improvement, the NY Statewide Orthoimagery Program, and NYS Emergency Management.  


Authoritative GIS data and tools should be discoverable, understandable and available for use by all. For more than 15 years, the NYS GIS Program Office (GPO) has made framework GIS data available via file download. Over the past few years, the GPO has freely released over 15TB of elevation data while simultaneously embarking on an initiative to build a catalog of web services that provides these and other foundational datasets for public use in efficient and flexible formats. Through the creation and maintenance of authoritative datasets, and the publishing of both map and geoprocessing services, the GPO continues to create an easy-to-use entry point for end users and developers to consume NYS data. This presentation will highlight: a recently published geoprocessing service making tax assessment attribute data available statewide; an image service capable of analysis without download; a statewide hill shading map service; digital elevation models and raw point clouds; and tools and methods for obtaining these data, creating personalized data extracts, and accessing services via multiple GIS software programs.