Title: Data Driven Local Government Similarities
Date and Time: June 26th, 12pm – 1pm
Presenter: Mickey Dietrich

Abstract: This presentation will show how census and other data was utilized to find commonalities between towns in a four county area. There were several criteria used to obtain this information, which will be discussed in the presentation. The goal was to try to connect towns together based on similarities, which may help them find opportunities for shared services or identify similar issues. As well as, providing an avenue to open up communication between these towns and the sharing of information.

Bio: Mickey Dietrich is currently the River Area Council of Governments (RACOG) Local Government Advisor for the NYS Tug Hill Commission. His current position has him working more in the role of project manager for the six local governments that are part of RACOG, as well as, continuing to oversee GIS at the commission. Previously he had worked as the GIS Specialist for the commission for 15 years. Some recent projects Mickey has worked on, have been the community resource map for RACOG, Black River navigation hazard mapping, finding local government similarities based upon census data, helping local governments utilize QGIS/PostGIS, training local governments on the use of Bluetooth GPS technology, and revamping the Tug Hill Commission map portal.

Mickey also has served as a board member and president of the NYS GIS Association, as well as being involved with the conference, legislative, professional development, and regional committees for the NYS GIS Association over the years. He also served on the NYS Geospatial Advisory Committee. Currently, he is the NYS GIS Association Regional Coordinator for the Tug Hill region.