[Recently] the “Discover GIS Data NY” application had its 250,000th user.  Since its release in early March 2011 (as “Orthos Online”), this application has seen eight annual updates with new orthoimagery, an expansion of downloadable datasets to include DEMs and LIDAR point files, and the addition of information on historical imagery along the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario shorelines.  Users can alter the default orthoimagery display with a wider array of base maps and the ability to add web services.

The focus of the application remains providing access to data, but the core download function has been supplemented with links to the corresponding web services.  While data updates will continue and we look forward to noting the 1-millionth download event for the app around December, we are confronted by the limitations of an eight year old application.  We plan to start work on a replacement application in the coming months, including collecting end-user input.

Stay tuned.  Our thanks to everyone who uses the application and to all our data-sharing partners in federal, state, county, and local agencies.



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