Recently, the Great Lakes Alliance for Remote Sensing (GLARS) announced Digital Surface Model (DSM) products created by SharedGeo for the Great Lakes had been placed into the public domain. Covering 85% of the Great Lakes Basin, the DSMs were created between 2016-2021 from over 70 TB of Digital Globe stereo-pair imagery obtained from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) NextView program.

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In addition to the substantial science required to produce the SharedGeo DSMs, the effort is significant in at least three other ways.

  1. It is the first public domain release of DSM products covering an expansive area (eight states and two Canadian provinces) outside the polar regions,
  2. It demonstrates the potential for units of government to have access to frequently acquired DSM data without the high cost of similar LiDAR products, and
  3. Because this approach relies on satellite imagery that is being frequently collected, short period, time-sequenced visualization of climate change impact, and the results of mitigation are possible.

To read the full news release, please use the link below:

Great Lakes Digital Surface Model Products Released to the Public

Find additional information and download SharedGeo’s DSMs for free by going directly to the GLARS website at:
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