Education Committee

Education Committee

Committee Participants

  • Paula Lazrus, St. Johns University, Chair
  • Christopher Badurek, SUNY Cortland
  • Emily A. Fogarty, SUNY Farmingdale
  • Susan Hoskins, Cornell University
  • Wayne Howard, Monroe Community College
  • Mike Jabot, SUNY Fredonia
  • Jon Little, Monroe Community College
  • Andrew Mendola, EagleView Technologies
  • Alejandro Prieto, St John’s University
  • Adelina Prentice, FPM Remediation
  • David Stern, Nassau Community College
  • Jessica Tiefke, Syracuse Public Leadership Service Academy
  • Pete Walsemann, Carthage High School



The mission of the Education Committee is to support the NYS GIS Association in meeting the educational needs of its membership and fostering GIS education across New York State.

Committee Goals

It is our intention to broaden, deepen and sustain the geospatial industry, especially by leveraging education.  To make geospatial education readily accessible, not just to students, but perhaps more importantly, to educators.


2011 Workplan
2010 Work Plan