Please return your seats to their fully upright positions and place all items into the overhead compartment. The ride could be a little bumpy.

The NYS GIS Association could really use your help; like seriously, I mean it this time. The Professional Development Committee is in need of new volunteers to continue fostering educational growth in our profession. As you may know, the committee is responsible for organizing and scheduling our very popular webinar series. With some recent changes, the committee could really use an infusion of proactive members with just a little extra time to help keep it running smoothly. Can you help (there’s a little blue link right there to the left in case you missed it)?

Perks: By the way, and in case you didn’t know, volunteering with NYS GIS Association earns you points for GISP certification/recertification. Plus, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about helping your fellow professionals. It’s almost like petting a puppy, unless you’re allergic, then it’s nothing like that.

If you are interested in joining this committee or would like more information about this volunteer opportunity, please use the ‘contact us’ form. You can learn more about the committee by visiting our page.

Time Commitment: Just one hour a week will go a long way. I mean, you can even do it while you drink your morning coffee. Who doesn’t love multi-tasking?

Other Requirements: Membership in the NYS GIS Association must be current. Check to see if you have renewed here.

Skills: Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and personable. We took a poll however, and decided we are willing to make exceptions for you moody folks.

Leverage your network, expertise, and insight for webinar presenters and content. Individuals with the power of persuasion are especially encouraged to apply. Please no Jedi. That didn’t work out so well last time. This isn’t the committee you’re looking for…

About Us:  The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to provide training, guidance, and assistance to the members of the NYS GIS Association at all levels of expertise in an effort to further their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the many geospatial technologies and solutions that are available. Put simply, our mission is to make us more better.


  • Create and implement professional development opportunities
  • Act as a liaison to presenters
  • Coordinate, introduce and host webinars
  • Post recorded webinars to the NYS GIS Association YouTube channel
  • Coordinate with the Communications Committee for web page updates and announcements

Thanks for your time and consideration and for tolerating my attempts at adding a little humor to this request. Have a safe 4th of July everyone! See you this fall!

Rick Reichert

Board President

NYS GIS Association

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