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NYS GIS Association Annual Meeting

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NYS GIS Association Annual Awards Presentations

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession

Eric Herman

NYS Thruway Authority (Retired)

Throughout his career, Eric Herman has been a steady presence in the NYS GIS community. Retiring in 2023, Eric worked for NY State for over 33 years, with 23 of them being at the NYS Thruway Authority.  Eric began leading the State Agency Advisory Group (SAAG) in 2001 and continued in that pivotal role, presiding over 70 meetings, until his retirement.

Beyond his contributions to GIS at the Thruway Authority, he has been a leader in GIS in state government and in the wider GIS community.  He joined the NYS Geospatial Advisory Council (GAC) as an ex-officio member in 2010.  His understanding of GIS, data management, and state government provided countless agencies and authorities with guidance on how to implement best practices and foster communication. 

Eric’s friendly demeanor and thoughtful responses, coupled with his institutional knowledge, made him an excellent sounding board and sought-after advisor.

He worked with, or knew, just about everyone involved with NYS GIS.  Eric Herman could be called the NYS GIS Ironman. In his career, he participated in more State Agency Advisory Group and GAC meetings than any individual– he is an inspiration to all who know him. 

Frank Winters

NYS GIO – GIS Program Office (Retired)

Frank Winters retired as the second GIO (Geographic Information Officer) in NYS history. He began his NYS career at DOT in 1992 and culminated it by leading NYS GIS efforts as the GIO (2016 – 2022). His impact to NYS GIS is immeasurable – he has inspired a generation of NYS GIS professionals.  His contributions range from leading the GIS Program Office to intangible things like his emphasis on always having an elevator speech ready.  He capitalized on the short elevator ride with executives to win them over to the benefits of GIS. 

Throughout his leadership as the GIO, he emphasized and advocated for bigger, better, and national thinking.  He spearheaded collaboration with commercial data providers such as Google, TomTom, and Apple Maps.  He recognized the need for standardization and free, open access to data for business development and public safety. Frank was an active participant on the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). He was also elected to the NSGIC Board of Directors, serving as President from 2020-2021. 

During his tenure on the NSGIC Board of Directors, Frank was instrumental in the development of the National Pandemic GIS Informatics Task Force Playbook. The Playbook was developed after the first few years of the COVID-19 pandemic to strengthen collaboration and understanding between the geospatial, emergency management, and public health communities.  Frank is known for his enthusiasm, positive energy, and ability to inspire and coach.  He definitely left his mark on NYS GIS.

GIS Spatial Application Awards

Recognition of impressive and innovative accomplishments across the state.

New York Department of State – Geographic Information Gateway

The New York Department of State Geographic Information Gateway empowers the people of New York by making information about their neighborhoods, communities and the world around them, freely and easily accessible. (cont’d)


Jeff Herter

Gateway Project Manager

(cont’d) Data holdings have been increased to over 800 datasets available for viewing and download on the Gateway’s ESRI cloud server in addition to access to 1000’s of datasets on ArcGIS Online. The updated Gateway, released on Earth Day April 22, 2023, as an ArcGIS Hub solution, provides increased accessibility, more ways for the people of New York to find the information they want and need.  Story maps have been reformatted using new ESRI templates and updated with new information, and a new page for Gateway users and New York communities to engage with each other. The Engage page includes a map gallery for submissions from users and a dashboard about the Gateway.

Also included is his team who all contributed to the success of the Geographic Information Gateway-

  • Barbara Patterson – Contract Manager
  • Chris Aragon – Application Development, Access & Usability
  • Kristen Nielsen – UX/UI
  • Mary Haley – Project Development & Implementation
  • Nick Floersch – Project Manager
  • Paige Gebhardt – Project Development & Implementation
  • Peter Lauridsen – Gateway Data Manager
  • Rebecca Newell – Gateway Content Manager
  • Supriya Khadke – Mid-Atlantic Liaison/Coordinator

GIS Champions

Recognition is given for exemplary support of the GIS profession and of the value of GIS technology in society.

Russell Urban-Mead

Ann Deakin

Natural Science & Technology Contractor, NYSGISA Professional Development & Communications Committee Chair and Co-Chair, Former NYSGISA Board of Directors Member

GIS Champion Award

Carol Zollweg

Bergmann Associates, NYSGISA Membership & Communications Committee Chair and Co-Chair, Former NYSGISA Board of Directors Member

Ann Deakin

Ann has chaired the Education, Professional Development & Communications committees, organized  NY GeoCons and GeoSummits, and served on the Board of Directors.

Ann is an educator par excellence. During her career at SUNY Fredonia  and most recently in China, she has educated hundreds of students and shared the power of GIS.

Ann holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Geography, Geographic Information Science, and Cartography from the University at Buffalo, a Master of Science (MS) and a BS degree in Geography and Cartography from Penn State University.

Ann’s multifaceted career, spanning education, curriculum development, scientific communication, and geography, has made an enduring impact on the GIS profession in New York State. Her dedication and exceptional contributions exemplify the spirit of the NYS GIS Association.

Carol Zollweg

Carol has served the Membership & Communications Committees, organized GeoSummits and served on the Board of Directors. Serving 12 years as Chair and Co-Chair of the Communications Committee, she coordinated the members to meet ever changing back office and social media needs.

Carol is a consummate professional. Through her work with Bergmann Associates as Senior Software Developer, she introduced the emerging technology of GIS to clients as the best in class solution. As an adjunct at SUNY Brockport and Literacy volunteer she continues to empower those around her.

Carol holds an MS degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, a BS degree in Agricultural Engineering from Cornell University and a GISP certification. Carol’s multifaceted career, spanning leadership, software development, education, and advocacy, has had a profound and lasting impact on the GIS profession in New York State. Her dedication and exceptional contributions truly embody the spirit of the NYS GIS Association.

Individual Contribution to the Profession Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession over the past year.

Jenny Mogavero

Prospect Hill Consulting LLC, President

Jenny Mogavero, GISP, has been involved in GIS project development, coordination, and management for over twenty years in Western New York. As cofounder and president of Prospect Hill Consulting LLC, a Buffalo based minority and women owned consulting firm, Jenny developed online mapping tools, performed scenario planning analyses, and designed cartographic infographics to support WITHIN Western New York – a Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) project created to provide data and mapping resources to community development leaders on the City of Buffalo’s East Side. Jenny’s approach to the WITHIN WNY project required a multitude of technical, geospatial, and graphic design skill sets as well as the need to communicate data analysis results with both interactive maps and static infographic layouts. The final products showcase how GIS can be used to provide environmental, public health, cultural, and business data to communities impacted by historic disinvestment and ensure development is driven by resident leaders. Examples of WITHIN WNY map products and infographics, links to interactive maps, and further information about Jenny’s approach to the project are highlighted in Sam Wear’s eSpatially New York blog here https://espatiallynewyork.com/2023/01/18/envisioning-the-future-of-buffalos-east-side/