2021 Fall Virtual Event

2021 Fall Virtual Event

NYS GIS Association Annual Meeting – 2021

Meeting minutes.

Annual Meeting Recording

GISMO 9/11 Remembrance

NYS GIS Association Annual Awards Presentations

GIS Spatial Application Award

Recognition of impressive and innovative accomplishments across the state.

Climate and Applied Forest Research Institute – terrainr: Programmatic Access to the USGS National Map for Landscape Visualization


Aidan Ackerman

Climate and Applied Forest Research Institute, Assistant Professor


Colin Beier

Climate and Applied Forest Research Institute, Associate Professor


Michael Mahoney

Climate and Applied Forest Research Institute
PhD Student

GIS Application Award

Mapping NYC COVID-19 community transmission via hospital workers. Funded by NYU


Delphine Protopapas (Brooklyn Technical High School)


Ron Alweiss (Ramaz High School)

GIS Application Award

GIS Champion

Recognition is given for exemplary support of the GIS profession and of the value of GIS technology in society.

Russell Urban-Mead

Russell Urban-Mead

GIS Champion Award

Individual Contribution to the Profession Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession over the past year.


Rebecca Smith

Individual Award Rebecca Smith
Catherine DuBreck

Catherine DuBreck

Individual Award Catherine DuBreck
Coming soon

Susan Resnick