NYS GIS Association Annual Meeting – 2019

Meeting minutes.

NYS GIS Association Annual Awards Presentations

Lifetime Achievement

Recognition given for longstanding contributions of members of the GIS profession who have had a significant impact on both the NYS GIS Association and the profession in New York State over the course of their careers and who deserve special and separate recognition by the NYS GIS Association. Read about his accomplishments on his certificate.

Dr. Lee Harrington was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award.

Individual Contributions to the Profession Award

Recognition given for outstanding contributions to the profession over the past year. Read about their accomplishments on their certificates.

George Davis

Noreen Whysel

Todd LaQuay

Cattyann Campbell

GIS Champion

Recognition is given for exemplary support of the GIS profession and of the value of GIS technology. Winners are not typically GIS professionals but those outside the profession, typically in a management, supervisory or other key decision making or support role that have championed GIS projects or GIS technology within their organization. All nominees will be recognized as “finalists” with a select group  recognized as “distinguished”. Read about their accomplishments on their certificates.

James B. Jones

Steve Wilcox

Michael Rygel