The New York State GIS Association’s Professional Development Committee has another exciting webinar for your consumption, on February 21st, 12pm-1pm. Our presenter is Patrick Gahagan, a Solution Engineer with ESRI. He will be presenting on “3D and BIM in the ArcGIS platform: Where we’re at, and the big improvements coming”.

Date: Wednesday February 21, 2018 — Time: 12pm – 1pm

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Presenter Bio:

Patrick Gahagan has been with Esri in New York City for 15 years, and started building a specialty in 3D mapping over 20 years ago.

As a solutions engineer in the Northeast, Mr. Gahagan is currently involved in building 3D technology demonstrations for major cities on the east coast, as well as Architecture, Engineering/Construction, and Aviation customers around the country. In 2012 Mr Gahagan became and early adopter and user of City Engine, a procedural 3D modeling application that became an Esri product after acquisition of the technology. In 2014 Mr Gahagan became proficient in BIM(Building Information Modeling), and integrating BIM content into ArcGIS. Mr. Gahagan was also an early adopter of ArcGIS Professional and has been doing all his 3D work in Pro for the last 4 years.