Kishor Bagul, Chief Technology Officer, announced on May 9, 2013, that William F. Johnson will join the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and serve as New York State’s Geographic Information Officer (GIO), effective immediately.

New York joins a growing number of innovative states in establishing a GIO position. The GIO will focus on the strategic direction of geospatial technologies for improved delivery of government services.  Bill will evaluate and build on technical innovations in the industry, collaborate with the excellent Geographic Information Systems (GIS) resources and capacities that exist in agencies today, and develop an enterprise GIS strategy to support and expand use and integration of GIS across the state.

Bill has spent his career in mapping and GIS leadership roles during more than 28 years of state service.  Most recently he was Director of the GIS Program in the Public Safety Cluster.  Bill previously led the state GIS Coordination Program in several state agencies.  He started his career in the Mapping Services Bureau at the NYS Department of Transportation.