Who:  Meg Wilkinson and John Marino

What: iMapInvasives Training

When: 9:30 to 11:30 on Wednesday November 13

Where: Meals-on-Wheels for WNY (aka Feedmore NY), 100 James E. Casey Drive, Buffalo, NY

RSVP: imapinvasives@dec.ny.gov

Details of training:

iMapInvasives, NY’s centralized invasive species database, has many new features with the latest release, “iMap3”. Join us for a hands-on training to learn about the online system, the mobile app and the web map services. Bring laptops/smartphones. RSVP requested, but not required.

  1. iMap3 – online [view invasives data; enter invasives data (presence/not-detected/treatment; set-up email alerts; on your phone or tablet or computer, with connectivity]
  2. iMap Mobile app [download; set preferences; upload “fake species” record; after the set-up, the app can be used in the field without connectivity; connectivity is required to upload the data to iMap]
  3. iMap WMS – examples of using the WMS for local applications; and WMS “cheat sheet”



iMapInvasives GIS DAY, John Marino:

  • overview of iMap online software and functionality?
  • iMap Mobile app – phone gap, etc.
  • Esri  Field Data Collection Tools: Survey123 apps; Collector app
  • Web Map services à ArcMap, AGOL, Dashboards
  • Watercraft Inspection Stewardship Program App (WISPA) – Survey123 & Dashboard
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