We have updated our NYS Orthos Online application with a 2016 layer (Nassau County)

This is the first update with the 2016 imagery;  more counties to follow.

Please see the status map for the upcoming counties. (https://gis.ny.gov/gateway/orthoprogram/lot16/index.html)

You now will be able to view and download the new imagery in the application. (https://orthos.dhses.ny.gov/)

This will affect users of the WMS service, since the index will have changed.


We are happy to announce the availability of Suffolk County 2016 orthoimagery for downloading.

Please visit our GIS Clearinghouse download page at: http://gis.ny.gov/gateway/mg/2016/suffolk/


Thank You

Ray C Faught

GIS Program Office

NYS Office of Information Technology Services