Check out the latest news from Jeff Herter and the NYS Geographic Information Gateway: Resilience, Current Status and Some Arbitrary Benchmarks!

Did you know: Resilience Information

Did you know that the Gateway features information on Climate Change and Resilience, including incremental sea level rise projections and coastal hazards?  Here is a map viewer with some of the information available pre-loaded: Resilience  When you open this view you will see in the legend that one of the layers (Flood Hazard Zones [FEMA]) has a greyed checkmark in the checkbox, this means this layer is “zoom-layered”, which means it will become visible when you zoom in closer.  The legend provides some useful tools like changing the order of how layers are drawn, making them more or less visible, changing the transparency so that you can see through layers either to the underlying basemap or to data that is layered underneath and if there’s a book icon, then that means we’re using that layer in one of our stories and clicking on that icon will open up the story to where we’re using that layer.

Clicking on objects in the view will open a “call-out” box, this will provide information on the area, point or the line segment you clicked, if there is more than one object where you clicked (often the case) you can get to the information for each object by using the arrows at the bottom right corner of the call-out box.  You will also notice in this view that NY Rising Planning Areas are included, you can get to the plans in for these areas by, again, clicking in the area, using the arrows in the bottom right, click to the box that is titled “NY Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Boundaries”, RIGHT click on “Final Community Plan” and a pop-up box will appear, select the top choice “Open link in a new tab” by left clicking on it…a new tab will open with the plan document.  DOS  Coastal Risk Areas are included, you can find out more about these, how they were derived and how we use them by visiting this story DOS Risk Areas

The Gateway Status

As mentioned back in January, are in a bit of a quiet mode.  We have completed development of plans for the next phase of Gateway and are working on getting help to realize those plans.  We have some great functional additions and new applications built off the Gateway base, I’ll be able to share some of these later in the year.  We have transitioned to a new cloud server which provides more stability for the platform, you should be noticing this as well as you use the Gateway, please do not hesitate to contact me should you run into performance issues.  We are working on a new Story that will accompany the South Shore Estuary Reserve Focus Page which will be ready in late spring!  There are quite a few other exciting things in the works which will result in a real growth year for the Gateway, so stay tuned!

Gateway Metrics

We had a few arbitrary benchmarks that seem important to share with you.  On March 20th, with a visit from a user in Finland, making it our 100th visit from a country outside the US and just 2 days ago a user in Barbados visited us bringing us to 101!  That’s 51.5% of the countries in the world today!  An average of 14 countries outside the US visit and an average of 28 states outside of New York visit each month.  Sometime last Tuesday, March 26th, the Gateway received its 50,000th visitor since launching on September 29, 2015! Longtime average is now about 1200 user visits each month.  As of end of March on Sunday there have been 226,250 pageviews, nearly 650,000 actions and average monthly bounce rate is 12%.  It’s gratifying for the Team to see the continued use of the Gateway and we all thank you for your continued use and support!  We hope you find even more useful uses and information on the Gateway in the coming year!

Social Media

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The Gateway does have an About page so if you’re new to this emails or need a refresher please follow this About link.  You can also learn about the Office of Planning and Development (OPD) on the same About page.


As always, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback on your visit to the Gateway so that we may continue to improve on its usefulness and your experience.

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