Hello Everyone,

The GIS Program Office is once again pleased to announce that a new quarterly release of NYS Streets and Address Points has been posted to the Clearinghouse.


For questions about training in GeoLynx or data sharing please contact Toni Slyer at Toni.Slyer@its.ny.gov / (518) 408-8569.

For any technical or policy questions please contact Rodger Coryell at Rodger.Coryell@its.ny.gov / (518) 242-5048 or myself at Craig.Fargione@its.ny.gov / (518) 242-5176.

Thank you!

Craig M. Fargione, GISP

Street and Address Maintenance Program

Office of Information Technology Services

  1. Averell Harriman State Office Campus

1220 Washington Ave. Bldg. 5, Floor 1, Albany, NY 12226

(518) 242-5176 | (518) 603-4636 m | Craig.Fargione@its.ny.gov


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