The NYS ITS GIS Program Office is pleased to announce the availability of the 2018 Color Infrared web mapping service:


Map Server


The NYS GIS Program Office identified an ESRI Bug when trying to use Dynamic Image Services as well as Raster Mosaic Datasets.  When trying to open up the Data Frame Properties dialog after adding the Dynamic Image Service or Raster Mosaic Dataset there is a long wait for the dialog to open, as long as 10 minutes.  The ESRI Bug number is “BUG-000119932: Data Frame Properties dialog opens very slowly after loading certain Image Services or Mosaic Datasets.”  ESRI has confirmed this bug exists in all versions of desktop from 10.4.1 and beyond.  The bug is not identified in 10.4 and earlier, as well as ArcGIS Pro.  We suggest when using our 4 Band Image Service to first change any data frame properties / projections prior to loading the service.  Our 4 Band Image Service can be loaded from

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