The New York State GIS Program Office has published a new web service:  NYS Place Points.

NYS Place Points Feature Service: Contains points for locations of incorporated cities, towns, and villages; unincorporated places; tribal communities; and neighborhoods in New York State.  Places that cross county boundaries have only one point location and one county assigned.  Neighborhood data are included within these cities:  Albany, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Additional web service types:
Map Service:

Place points display at all scales.
Place point labels can be turned on/off at any scale with the ArcGIS Feature Service and WFS.  Labels are on at all scales in the ArcGIS Map Service and WMS.  Please let us know how this labeling works or doesn’t work for your uses.

NYS Place Points can also be downloaded as either an ArcGIS file geodatabase or shapefile from this NYS GIS Clearinghouse page:

Web services hosted by NYS State Agencies are listed here:

Questions? Contact the NYS GIS Program Office Lands and Boundaries Unit: