Jeff Herter sent out an informative and entertaining message regarding recent and future updates to the Gateway.  The following message has been summarized and paraphrased.

More Data!

  • There is now access to more datasets related to Long Island Sound.   
  • More Lake Erie & Niagara Watershed data should be coming soon.
  • As always we appreciate suggestions regarding additional geospatial information that you would help you in your work or to understand your world around you.

Expanded Functionality – Tile Services

  • In May we expanded formats that the Gateway could accept to include Tile Services.

San Diego Bound

  • Katie Budreski is attending the Esri User Conference in San Diego where she will be representing the Team and demoing the Gateway during the App Fair, the Gateway is one of about 6 applications selected from a pool of 50 that got a space in the poster exhibit hall.

Coming Later in July – Another Deep Sea Exploration Expedition!

  • On July 14th the hot-linked yellow banner that will take you to NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer’s livefeed webpage will return to the Gateway’s home page.  They are exploring Johnston Atoll during the expedition, which is just West of Hawai’i, so bottom time should be a little earlier in the day than the last expedition. They will be exploring the area for two weeks, wrapping up the last dive on July 29th.

The Numbers

  • On May 22nd, visitors exceeded 100,000 minutes, or about 1670 hours, spent using the Gateway, on June 2nd visitors exceeded a quarter of a million actions on the Gateway, and on June 10th surpassed 20,000 visits since its launch on September 29th 2015.

Social Media

  • There are facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of Gateway pages so you can get connected to The Gateway. Stay up to date on facebook and/or by following our twitter feed. Please like us and share us on FB @informationgateway and retweet @NYGateway!

As always, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback on your visit to the Gateway so that we may continue to improve on its usefulness and your experience.