Looking for a Geography Awareness Week event to participate in?

Everyone is welcome to attend Monroe Community College’s Mapathon on Monday, Nov 15 at 6 pm and/or Thursday, Nov 18th at 12:30 pm!

The events are led by MCC’s Mapping Club, a YouthMappers Chapter. Youth Mappers “capitalizes on web-based open geospatial technologies and a network of universities around the globe. The mission is to cultivate a generation of young leaders to create resilient communities and to define their world by mapping it.” The events focus on crisis or preventative mapping in under/unmapped areas around the world.

All attendees will need to sign up and create a free Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) account at least 2 hours before the event. Mapping in OpenStreetMap is a team effort, continually growing due to a community of hundreds of thousands of dedicated global contributors.

** Register for Monday, November 15th at 6 pm:  https://bit.ly/3vwSqBb

** Register for Thursday, November 18th at noon:  https://bit.ly/3G4k11w

Cosponsored by:​  Holocaust, Genocide, & Human Rights Project and Global Education & International Services​ at MCC.

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