A message from Esri Education Manager, Joseph J. Kerski:

[Inquiries are sometimes made] about the need for specific geospatial data sets, so I thought these 2 short essays and guidelines of mine about finding data on the ArcGIS Hub Open Data portal might be helpful. The portal is, I recommend, definitely worth considering as one of your “go-to” sites when you are searching. And, as I point out, the ArcGIS Hub is much more than a data portal, as you’ll see in the essay.

Finding Data on ArcGIS Hub Open Data Portal

I followed the above up with a post about a story map that features many Hub sites around the world, which provides an additional source of data. I used it recently when searching for geospatial data in Australia for the purposes of building a “analyzing water quality” GIS-based lesson:

Finding data via ArcGIS Hubs around the world

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