New York State Esri ArcGIS Desktop K-12 License

kid Presumably, if you’ve gotten this far, you have some inkling what GIS is. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are comfortable explaining what it is to someone else, though!

What makes GIS exciting is that it is much more than a static map on a computer. A GIS is a computer system that helps us capture, store, analyze, and display data that are identified by geographic location.

While the ability to create a map is certainly valuable in and of itself, it’s not the final step. Actually, it’s just the beginning…the first step toward making well-informed decisions. Learning with GIS helps students use real world data to solve problems and think critically. This is the kind of power we can share with our students, regardless of grade level.

Access to Esri’s suite of GIS software is our gateway to sharing a geospatial perspective with school-aged children both in and out of the classroom. Learn more…


Geneseo Students

GIS for School Administration

In addition to teaching students how to use GIS, there are numerous uses at the level of school administration. School administrators can use GIS to support their efforts in a variety of areas from transportation to safety to facilities management. Learn more…