The NYS GIS Association relies on its membership renewals to continue providing professional development and network opportunities. It’s only $10 per year for Professional Memberships and $5 per year for Student Memberships.  Please take a minute to renew your membership today!

If you are not yet a member, won’t you join us now?

The NYS GIS Association benefits its membership through the following activities:

  • Promotes and contributes toward the development and implementation of GIS technology in NYS
  • Hosts conferences and technical workshops to bring GIS users together to foster advancements
  • Educates the public about geospatial information and technologies and their benefit to our State
  • Promotes education pertaining to geographic information and related technologies
  • Fosters a spirit of cooperation between government agencies, educational institutions and the private sector in addressing priority GIS issues and data development initiatives for New York

50+ NYS GIS Association members serve and volunteer on the Executive Board and Standing Committees of the NYS GIS Association, working hard to deliver results for the members.  These professionals come with varied work backgrounds in federal, state, county and municipal government; private industry; non-profit organizations; and higher education.  This group of professionals has a diverse background spanning planning, transportation, mapping, database analysis, programming and surveying and an average of 20 years of experience in the geospatial industry.  Volunteers put in an average of 80 hours annually (each!), which equates to 2000 hours per year.  Just think about that for a minute, if you were to estimate the cost of these professionals for their time, the NYS GIS Association is receiving the equivalent of $250,000 worth of professional services to support the goals of its membership! 

For additional information on the Value of Membership, please visit our website.


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