The New York State GIS Program Office (NYSGPO) is pleased to announce that we have updated our building footprints web service to incorporate the 4.7 million Microsoft building footprints that were released to the public in June of 2018.  These footprints are available statewide, the vintage of these footprints is unknown.   More info on this dataset can be found at

The NYSGPO has created a Map Service and a Feature Service to load these building footprints into your GIS Software.  Each footprint (NYSERDA Building Footprints) contains many attributes including the source, date, 100/500  year flood impact as well as county building footprint download links.  These web services are hosted by NYS ITS because we believe they are useful, any questions regarding the services can be directed to me.  NYS ITS is not responsible for the data quality that feed the services, users should contact the sources of the data with questions or comments.

Updates to the NYSERDA/CIESIN footprints will be implemented shortly and contain the counties of  Cortland, Jefferson, Oswego, Orleans, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates.

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