March Professional Development Webinar 2
March 31, 2021 at 12:00 pm
Title: Scenic Hudson’s Solar Mapping Tool: Using GIS to Support a Responsible Renewable Energy Future for the Hudson Valley
Abstract:  The Solar Mapping Tool is part of Scenic Hudson’s HowToSolarNow toolkit, aimed at helping municipal, industry, and conservation stakeholders rapidly develop solar energy generation in the Hudson Valley while minimizing negative impacts to our communities’ natural, agricultural, and cultural resources. The Solar Mapping Tool is an interactive, web-based educational GIS tool that includes information on the types and sizes of solar development in the Hudson Valley, how solar differs from other types of development, and how to proactively and responsibly incorporate solar development into land-use planning. We will provide an overview of the Tool and show how it allows users to overlay data layers in a web map, including layers related to solar opportunities, natural resources, and solar feasibility.  We will also review our Replication Guide, aimed at helping other regions of New York State create similar GIS tools to promote responsible solar energy development proactively using GIS.
Bio: Alex Wolf, Conservation Scientist at Scenic Hudson, conducts research and analyses pertaining to Hudson Valley natural resources, with a focus on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resilience, as well as the ecology and conservation of local flora and fauna. Prior to joining Scenic Hudson, he was a
researcher at several institutions including the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies and the Missouri Department of Conservation. Alex has co-authored more than 10 scientific publications. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology and a Master of Science in Wildlife Ecology.
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