There are two webinars scheduled in the month of April pertaining to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Using American Community Survey Estimates and Margins of Error Webinar

Margins of error (MOE) are provided for every American Community Survey (ACS) estimate. This webinar will explain MOEs and why they are important. The webinar also will cover how to use MOEs for statistical testing, how to approximate the MOE for an estimate, and how to locate online resources for further information.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 18th from 2:00-3:00 PM EDT

Join WebEx Meeting

Join by Phone (to access the audio portion of the webinar): 800-369-1754

Passcode: 6526213

Presenter: Sirius Fuller, Decennial Statistical Studies Division

Using the Census Bureau’s ACS for Assessment Officials

The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing survey that provides vital information on a yearly basis about our nation and its people. Discover the detailed social, economic, housing, and demographic statistics that the ACS provides for every community every year. In this webinar, you will learn about the following:

  • Basics of the yearly estimates and datasets produced from the ACS
  • Differences between the ACS and the decennial census
  • Availability of data for small geographies
  • Resources available on the Census Bureau website
  • Ways to access ACS data through a variety of free Census Bureau tools

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 18th from 1:00-3:00 PM EDT

Location: Online

Presenter: Gretchen Gooding, American Community Survey Office

This webinar is hosted by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), and information about how to register is available on their website.

The ACS provides reliable statistics that are used to make informed decisions about the future. These statistics are required by all levels of government to manage or evaluate a wide range of programs, but are also useful for research, business, education, journalism, and advocacy. If you have questions about this survey, please call the Customer Service Center on 1-800-923-8282.

To request a free data workshop, training, or presentation from the U.S. Census Bureau, please contact the Data Dissemination Office at or 1-844-ASK-DATA (1-844-275-3282).

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American Community Survey Office

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