Professional Industry Experience Working for You

The NYS GIS Association actively seeks to benefit its membership through the following activities:Professionals

  • Support development of the GIS profession throughout the state of New York
  • Promote and contribute towards the development and implementation of GIS technology in the state of New York
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation among local, state and federal agencies, educational institutions and the private sector in addressing priority GIS issues and data development initiatives for New York
  • Host regular meetings, conferences and technical workshops to encourage for the exchange of information and to exhibit products and services
  • Educate the general public about the nature of, and benefits from geospatial information and related technologies, including but not limited to, geographic and land information systems, the Internet, and global positioning technologies (GPS)
  • Publish documents, produce educational materials, and promote education pertaining to geographic information and related technologies

There are currently 25 NYS GIS Association members on the Executive Board and Standing Committees of the NYS GIS Association working hard to deliver results for the members. These professionals come with varied work backgrounds in federal, state, county and municipal government; private industry; non-profit organizations; and higher education. This group of professionals has a diverse background spanning planning, transportation, mapping, database analysis, programming and surveying and an average of 20 years of experience in the Geospatial industry…that is over 4 centuries of combined Geospatial experience! These volunteers put in an average of about 80 hours annually (each!) which equates to 2000 hours per year. Just think about that for a minute, if you were to estimate the cost of these professionals for their time, the NYS GIS Association is receiving the equivalent of $100,000 worth of professional services to support the goals of its membership!

Annual Conference/Summit

Twelve dedicated NYS GIS Association volunteers work to put together the annual Conference and Summit where each volunteer averages 50 hours of work per year totaling an additional 600 hours….that’s another $30,000 of volunteer effort. Conference attendees benefit from a high quality event that provides substantial educational and networking value. Clearly, the cost to attend does not reflect the value of the volunteer effort put into it.

Professional Development OpportunitiesProfessional Development

In 2013 the NYS GIS Association put on 12 training classes and/or professional webinars. The value of attending just 3 of these sessions (given a value of $95 each) equates to $285 benefit per member. Those are some cheap CEUs!!!

New Member Benefit Spring 2015

Tuition Discount!  Association membership now entitles members to a 10% registration discount on classes associated with the new GIS Certificate Program at Purchase College starting Fall 2015.  For more information, contact Sam Wear at

Additional Membership Benefits

  • A professional organization that works to promote your interests
  • Networking opportunities
  • Help staying up to date on state of the art practice
  • CEUs accepted by GISCI & ASPRS
  • At least 6 Presidents’ chats
  • Advocacy to increase the number of GIS positions
  • Legislative initiatives to protect and promote GIS
  • Resume posting and job opportunities

Benefit of Membership CalculationSavings

Value of Volunteer time: $100,000 + $30,000 = $130,000/500 members = $260 per member
Value of Professional Development: $285 per member
Cost of membership: $10; Cost of 2012 Summit: $95
Return on Investment = $535 – ($10+$95) = $440 per year = a 44 times return on your investment!

Just ask yourself: How can you afford to not be a member?

Download a PDF version.

Upcoming Events

Summit Committee Meeting

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Summit Committee plans and delivers! They are working on Geospatial Summit 2016. Contact committee chair if you are interested.

2016 Westchester GIS User Group Meeting

07:30 AM - 03:45 PM

Mark your calendar & join us at the 2016 Westchester GIS User Group Meeting on May 12th at Purchase College - the largest meeting of geospatial professionals in the Lower Hudson Valley!

The 2016 Westchester GIS User Group Meeting preliminary agenda is now available online.
Presentations for the event include representatives from government, industry, and academia. This year’s program includes GeoJeopardy! Contestants will be tested on their knowledge about Westchester County. For updates visit our website at Westchester County GIS.

Registration may be limited closer to the May 12th event, so register NOW!

When registering, indicate if you’re planning to attend any of the Workshops/Activities.

See you May 12th!

NYS GIS Association Committees Meeting

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Conference call. Please contact Mickey Dietrich <>, NYS GIS Association president if you'd like to attend.