The 2010 NYS GIS Association Survey Report

The Annual Survey provides a wealth of information and feedback from members and non-members about our organization, or priorities, and the state of our profession. Some findings of particular interest:

Top three (3) reasons to join the organization include:

  • Being a part of a professional organization
  • Keeping abreast of the latest news-note the great work this year by the Communications Committee
  • Networking – 80% indicated “Regional Meetings” are their preferred venue

Top two (2) things the Associations should be working on”

  • Legislation- 82% felt legislation is either critical or important
  • Training- >50% would like to see more webinars, only 1 in 3 feel they are “keeping up” with technology.

Top Challenges

  • Less than ¼ of respondents were actually GISP Certified, and >50% did not see the value in professional certification
  • ~90% felt outreach to other professional organizations was critical or important
  • For a more formal analysis of the Annual Survey results, keep your eyes open for the full report on our website.