Regional Coordination

Committee Participants

Al Leidner, Booz Allen Hamilton, Co-Chair (917-455-2834), NYC Region
James Daly, Suffolk County, Co-Chair, Long Island Region

  • Adirondacks – Eileen Allen, John Barge, Star Carter, Mickey Dietrich, Heather Weller
  • Albany – Jason Baum
  • Catskills – Thomas Hynes
  • Central NY: Syracuse – Jonnell A. Robinson, Lisa Warneke
  • Central NY: Utica/Rome – Verne LaClair
  • Long Island – Ross Baldwin
  • Lower Hudson Valley – Ana Hiraldo-Gomez, Arlene Owen, Doug Schuetz, Sam Wear
  • New York City – Matt Knutzen, Steve Pollackov
  • Rochester, Genesee, Finger Lakes – Dan Allen
  • Saratoga – Alex Chaucer
  • Southern Tier – Ben Coakley, Nick Hollingshead
  • Western NY – James B. Jones, Garvis Dilauro


The mission of the Regional Committee is to work to improve collaboration, cooperation and mutual support between the State Association and NYS Regional GIS Groups. The NYSGISA recognizes that its regional partners are critical to the success of GIS in the State and understands that by helping to strengthen them, it will also be strengthened.


  • Organize regional groups in areas where they are lacking
    • Syracuse/Onondaga region
    • Catskills
  • Encourage expansion and maturing of existing Regional groups
    • Synergis to expand to Binghamton and Southern Tier of counties
  • Hold two Committee meetings by July 1, 2015
  • Update Regional Resources Guide by September 1, 2015
  • Increase regional group members joining NYS GIS Association
  • Integrate regional group members with evolving Professional Affiliation groups
  • Continually work to integrate Regional Committee with other Association Committees such as Education, Professional Development, etc.
  • Encourage Regional Groups to participate in the Applications Contest to be run by the Awards Committee
  • Work with Association to promote GIS for “have not” jurisdictions

Work Plan

  • Early January: Hold organizing meeting for Syracuse/Onondaga
  • Late January: Hold a meeting of the Regional Committee
    • Focus on developing the GIS for Have Not jurisdictions program
    • Encourage regional group members to join Association
    • Discuss attendance at 2015 GeoCon
    • Discuss PAGS and encourage regional participation
    • Discuss affiliation options with Association
  • Start to update Regional Resources Guide: February 1, 2015
  • Sponsor one regionally oriented webinar (GIS/SIG?) by July 31, 2015

Upcoming Activities

  • TBA

NYS GIS Association Provides Benefits to Regional GIS User Groups

As part of an ongoing effort to provide tangible benefits to local NYS GIS user groups, the Association has begun offering the use of its “Gold Plan” level Survey Monkey account.  Regional groups can use the enhanced account for any user group related business.

In addition to the functionality offered by the free Survey Monkey accounts, users of the “Gold Plan” also have the ability to create surveys with:

  • unlimited questions
  • easy exporting, printing and results sharing
  • expert templates
  • advanced survey logic
  • customization, and much more!

Regional groups interested in accessing the NYS GIS Association’s Gold Plan Survey Monkey account can contact Julie Tolar at for more information.