Professional Development Committee


Committee Participants

  • Garvis DiLauro, FPM Remediations, Chair
  • Russ Brownell, Lewis County
  • Bev Corwin
  • Mickey Dietrich, Tug Hill Commission
  • Christa Hay
  • Dale Morris, Erie County
  • Sean Myers
  • Colin Reilly


Provide training, guidance, and assistance to the members of the NYS GIS Association at all levels of expertise in an effort to further their knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the many geospatial technologies and solutions that are available.

2017 Goals

  • Conduct Monthly Meetings
  • Host GIS related Webinars for NYS GIS Association members, other Association Committee’s and/or potential members
    • Possible Webinar Mini-Series on selected topic(s) (Basic to Advanced)
    • Maintain the presented webinar on the NYSGISA website and youTube
  • Possible development of a “Best Practice Method” on several GIS related procedures/routines