External Development

Committee Participants

Bev Corwin, Consultant, Co-Chair
Rich Quodomine, ESRI, Chair
Alan Leidner, BAH
Maeve Beecher, FPM Remediations Inc


To establish and deepen external relations with professional associations, consortia, organizations, public entities, etc., that are relevant to GIS, and to enable wider collaboration for GIS priorities.

2015 Work Plan

  • External Development: Create and send out surveys, identify, recruit and develop members as key contacts for liaison relationships
  • Strategize relationship management
  • Develop working agreements and professional development opportunities
  • Develop communications for events,  activities, etc.,  for better coordination with external organizations
  • Develop relationship management recommendations to strengthen ties with external organizations, and provide up-to-date data about the association
  • Support other association committees in reaching out to external organizations to enhance their work